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Kiara Wallace
Mrs. Jane
English 1101
31st March 2014
Laura Kipnis Love’s Labors:
An Affair of the Heart Opening with this sentence “Will all the adulterers in the room please stand up?” (p.391), is bound to spark something more than just a conversation. Laura Kipnis controversial essay Love’s Labors reflects on many situations that goes on in a relationship. Infidelity in any way is considered cheating, or in Kipnis case having “an affair of the heart”. Which she later reveals that there could be more unwanted consequences than one signed up for.
Having a broken heart because of that significant others’ infidelity is one of the main consequences that Kipnis touches on in this essay. Whether it be the male or females’ wrong doing; the faithful one in the relationship always receives short end of the stick, so to speak. The one who steps out on trust and communication later discovers that it was all a lie. This person now can no longer trust completely because of what happened in that previous relationship; let alone love.
Meaning that if the love is still there even after the infidelity, there is bound to be some repercussion. With the strain of infidelity leads to guilt and anxiety in a person, and in a relationship if that significant other chooses to stick around. No doubt, we have to admit that the word LOVE probably could be defined as the most beautiful word in the world, which concludes the power which supports all of our behaviors and actions; but once that support is nearly severed one can never be the same. The guilt stems from the knowing of the wrong doing but proceeding to do it any way; but yet still feeling remorse afterwards.

Today we think we are free because our marriages aren’t arranged, or “till death do us part”. We enjoy the fact that we are individualistic, choosing freely.

This is the conversation that happens hourly between people in a close relationship. No doubt, we have to admit that the word LOVE probably could be defined as