Essay Database Records and Relational Data Worksheet

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Database Records and Relational Data Worksheet

Complete Parts A and B of this worksheet.

Cite your sources.

Part A: Database Records l

Answer the following patient information questions using the table provided. Refer to figure 4-10 on p. 83 of Health Information Technology and Management for assistance.

1. What patient resides in California? What is the patient number?
The patient that resides in California Sofia Yakaria Pallares. Her patient number is 10259. Gartee, R. (2011).

2. Who is the provider of Sofia Yakaria Pallares? What credentials does her provider have?
Ruth Ann Raymond is Sofia’s provider and Ruth Ann Raymond has her MD license. Gartee, R. (2011).

3. What
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You might have to go to one program to find all of the treatments the doctor has tried with a patient and then to another program to be able to see what kind of insurance the patient may have and how much insurance didn’t pay. Then you would be able to bill the patient after all that information is completed and you may have to use yet another program to do that. With relational data you can pull up one program and see anything about that patient in that one program. You can look at what time their appointment is, their address, the reason for their visits and all the insurance and billing information in one spot. Gartee, R. (2011).

3. Explain why the use of databases is important in health care.
In my opinion a database is important in health care because it tells everything about us that is needed to give us the best possible care. It is also beneficial to the organization you have an appointment with in terms of billing. When we go to a doctor or hospital they can pull up the database with our information and see first of all I do have an appointment and what time. Then they can pull up why I am there weather it is an illness I am being treated for or my annual checkup. If I am being treated for anything they can see what they have done and what the next course of action is to be. If they sent me to have test run at the hospital my results would be in the database as well. The doctor I see for my needs