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Camille Poblete
Mr. Bankert
AP European History
April 9, 2015
DBQ 2003
Prompt: Describe and analyze changing views toward the concept of a “civil peace” (Burgfrieden) in Germany from 1914 to 1918. In August of 1914, Germans made two major decisions to the country. First, it was the vast mobilization for World War I. Also, it declared Burgfrieden in which all previous issues would be set-aside during the course of the war. As the years progressed, people’s opinions have changed from the policy. In the beginning of the war, 1914, there was announcement of the war, which left the citizens in happiness. By 1915 and 1916, people began to ignore the policy, as they were tired of the outcomes of war. The views of the divided, supporters and dissenters show the progression of World War I affecting the German population. In August 1, 1914, Emperor Wilhelm II made a speech beseeching the German people to stand together as one to unite the country (Doc 1). The speech seemed biast as the emperor needed the support in the declaration of war and followers. A photograph of his speech (Doc 2) suggests that the people favored the emperor’s word, as they were being pictured cheering. This was a time of nationalism and the thought of winning crossed their minds as many women were still seeking the freedom and rights they deserve, they thought the war was a chance to get what they have wanted for centuries. This idea was supported by (Doc 4), in which a women’s rights advocate describes the euphoria at being allowed to help. The Social Democratic Party printed an article describing their opinions (Doc 3). This shows that there were a variety of opinions, some agreeable to due to strong nationalism. As the years