Deafness Challenges In America

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There are some individuals that face deafness challenges in America. It is a struggle to live with for those who are deaf. Although the people that face deafness cannot hear the deafening sounds in our world, they face challenges such as not being able to hear those around them and having difficulty communicating and interacting. Hearing the people around us is part of our daily life and experiences. While the majority of the population is able to hear the whole world revolving around them, some cannot. Those who are deaf cannot hear the people around them because they have lost their ability to hear. Deaf individuals cannot listen to the leaves blowing in the wind, cries of the youngsters, chirping of the birds, or the thundering sky. This leads to another difficulty: communicating and interacting. …show more content…
Communication can be done by texting, e-mailing, mailing letters, but it is mostly composed of physical talking and listening. As stated before, deaf individuals cannot hear those around them which then brings up lack of communication and interaction due to not being able to talk and listen to others. For example, a deaf student is working on a project with another student who is not. The young girl cannot communicate with the other student like the other groups because of the limitation of communication. She has other methods of communication such as writing notes and hand gestures, but she will mostly likely have a lack of