Death Of A Salesman Analysis

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Act I of death of a salesman.

Arthur Miller- Born in New York
Most popular work won him the pulitzer prize in 1949 turned him into a national sensation.
Many critics described Death of a Salesman as the first great American tragedy
He gained great praise as a man who understood what it meant to be an American following the American Dream it's one of the major themes of the play

Plot (opening scene)
As mentioned Wednesday, the play begins with Willy entering his house after a failed sales trip
Linda worried what happened?
Explains he dozed off while driving and doesnt remember what happen Linda wants him to talk to his boss

Biff and Happy

Willy criticizes Biff for being lazy and shorty after says he's anything but lazy
As they argue Biff and Happy wake up and listen
Biff is the older son, he was a football star, but he didn’t graduate because he failed math got fired from every job ever since
Happy is the younger son lives in the shadow of Biff he's described as a womanizer

Willy's mind

Just by the opening scene we see there's something wrong with Willy
Willy's mind is so mest up that he's calling Biff lazy at one point and then saying he's not
He denys it, beacuase he doesnt want to damage Biff's ego he holds on to the hold that Biff's will become something big in life.

Throughout the play, Willy daydreams and has has fantasies about the past Goes into these fantasies to see where he went wrong with his relationship with Biff and why he didnt gain the fame and fortune to dreamed about in the fantasies his family is happy and secure but in reality there's a lot of tension
His relationship with Biff: he see's him as bright hope for the future he allows him to get away with theft
Happy tries to gain his father's attention but fails It's clear that he favors Biff over Happy
His relationship with Linda is more complex
Linda is there to remind Willy to stay true to himself
Exaggerates his salary
Linda deeply loves Willy no matter what

The Woman and the Stockings back to reality
We hear a laughter of a woman she thanks him for the stockings fades away
The Woman symbolizes= something sexual, or discontent
Not clear if Willy cheated on his wife also represents Willy’s discontent in life
Linda is mending her stockings
Yells at her to throw them away
Willy's belief of them being financially stable and it's a matter of his pride yells at her due to guilt of cheating on her


Willy's father leaves