A Road I Like To Call Violence Road

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A Road I Like To Call, “Violence Road” The death penalty has been with humanity for some time now. The earliest records of the death penalty date back to 16th century B.C.E in ancient Egypt. Throughout the centuries the methods and regulations surrounding the death penalty, have greatly changed. In its earliest times the methods ranged from crucifixion to stoning. In our modern times, many countries and governments only used more “acceptable” methods such as lethal injection or the electric chair. There is much heated debate over the morality of the death penalty, many people believe that no one should be put to death, no matter how severe their crimes. As for myself, I believe that the death penalty should not be used for the following three reasons; although they are a small population, some men awaiting the death penalty are actually innocent and have been unjustly put away, I do not believe it is right to punish someone who has killed, by killing them and that the death penalty does not deter persons from committing felonies. The first and most important reason to abolish the death penalty is that a number of men convicted and sentenced to the death penalty, are actually innocent and have been unjustly incarcerated. As of December 26, 2012, there have been nearly 150 inmates exonerated from prison. Because of the death penalty, 150 kids almost lost one of their parents. There is no greater injustice I can imagine then killing a man for a crime he never committed. In some cases, innocent men are saved from their untimely deaths only weeks or even days away from their scheduled execution. I would never wish the grief and despair one might feel after killing an innocent man, on even my worst enemy. In order for our legal system to not accidently kill an innocent man, the death penalty needs to be revoked. The second reason to revoke the death penalty is the hypocritical nature of the death penalty itself. The ultimate purpose of the death penalty is to punish someone and to also deter people from committing such a crime. Therefore, in essence, the legal system is saying that it is wrong to kill someone, yet for your punishment they are going to put you to death. The whole act just seems hypocritical and does not relay a positive message to America’s youth. The death penalty essentially follows the “eye for an eye” policy, which is not a healthy