death penalty Essay

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When we think about criminals we want nothing to do with them. The majority of us wouldn’t want a high grade criminal to even be alive, but is that truly the best option? In the United States the death penalty isn’t anything new it’s been around for over two hundred years and counting, but of course things have changed since then. In the early 1800’s the death penalty was brief and very little to no discussion was done regarding if the person should even be killed. Now remember during this time education wasn’t a priority at the time and of course the thought process people had wasn’t close to ours now. Also during this time the crimes we commit now were frowned upon differently. In some cases interacting with the wrong person or stealing would have ended your life during this century. Now you look to the 21st century and things have changed dramatically in capital punishment. Sentencing someone to death takes a longer process and needs to be thoroughly evaluated before being considered a death penalty case. You can imagine the process in which has to be followed to have one sentence to death. Some might say why it would take so long if you’re even nominated for the death penalty shouldn’t they be killed automatically? This would definitely save a lot of time, but this quick verdict reaction to a case could cost the life of an innocent person considering over a hundred cases have be overturned due to evidence proving innocence. A death penalty case is also more of a complex process than what you may think the time and patience put in is far more than any other case. Not only is time a factor, but also money an average of two and a half million to be exact is spent on a death penalty case. If we compare this to a life in prison inmate which will cost us an average of about a million and a half that’s a vast difference, and by the way if you’re wondering where this money is coming from its from our tax payments. New Jersey dropped their death penalty system which was costing us tax payers over $250 million and to add to this no one was ever executed. As you can see a death penalty case isn’t really the right investment and truth be told I rather have a criminal spend the rest of his life in prison where they definitely wouldn’t want to be every single day of their pathetic lives, than give them the easy way out and may I add expensive way out. The odds of someone spending the reminder of their life in prison can be compromised once their actually in general population. Numerous amounts of times those