Debate between games and violence Essay

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Jacob P Emery
English 2: Literature Response
17 October 2013
Literature Response My response to “Video Games and Violence: Every Generation Blames Newest media, expert says.” Written By Neal Kolinsky and David Przygoda. I think that video games do affect the way people think about killing and death. However blaming the newest media and not just violent things in general is just silly. I think that children and even adults can be desensitized by killing and violent movies, there is a lot more to blame stuff on than just video games. One example would be my self. I view death of other people that I don’t know to be just “Whatever”. It doesn’t make me sad or happy. I used to be one of the most compassionate kids that my parents knew! I think that over time the media has contributed to that in a negative way. I don’t play call of duty or even own a gaming system but have still been influenced by media that killing is no big deal. I do agree with this article that games can have a negative influence and would disagree with the end of the article that the government is focusing on the wrong things. I think that medical therapy would help but not enough. You can never change mans natural evilness but you can try. When the author talks about “Video Games leading to real life crimes.” It reminds me of a real life example, Sandy hook elementary. What happened at sandy hook was devastating. 26 dead: 20 children, 6 adults. I personally don’t understand how anyone could commit such a crime. But lets get to the point. The kid that shot all those people had been reported to playing lots of video games, such as Call of Duty, Halo, and such, in his room. This is a perfect example to prove that games can lead to violence and crime. I know from my own experience that playing violent games can give me headaches. I also find myself