Do video games cause behavior problems Essay

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Do video games cause behaviour problems? The answer is yes.
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Violence is communicable Columbine high school and the video game doom. Big big example of how video games helped inspire violence. As much as I love cod and battlefield, I did a thesis paper in high school and what I've found has changed the way I look at my gaming habits. I personally feel less sensitive to violence because of how much I've been exposed to. You can't blame people for these problems because not everyone understands the correlations. Education, not finger-pointing, is what needs to be done more.

Human Being are Mold-able In music, professional musicians practice up to 8 hours a day to internalize the elements of music: to mold a players instincts, to think musically. We cannot then turn around and claim that when we play a violent game in long sittings we are not internalizing those actions and thought processes. Astronauts use space simulators to train - why would they use these simulations if they had no effect - surely astronauts know the difference between real life and simulation?
This debate however is still in it’s infancy. As video games become more and more immersive and realistic, the “violence deniers” will have a harder time explaining their arguments. Graphics in video games have gotten so good as to realistically mimic the real world. One day (probably far in the future) in our virtual reality headsets, when we will have the ability to look all around us, listen to the cries of the people we are shooting, and actually feel their blood splattering on our skin, we will have to ask ourselves what we are doing and why.

Yes, they do. I think they do because I have seen it first hand that they do make them more violent and aggressive. But they affect children mostly to think that this is ok to do . They also make people become immune to seeing people get Yes it does affect behavior

Violence in games causes children to think and believe that such violence is alright. Being exposed to violence in video games will, long-term or short, cause children to adhere to violent behavior.
It's like moving from Texas to New York. When you first move, you may have a Texas accent. After living there for long enough, you'll start to have a New York accent. People, human beings, adapt to their environment, their surroundings. Playing video games with violence will cause a child to reveal a violent nature. Some kids more than others. Those who are naturally aggressive are still going to show more of an aggressive behavior.

Studies of children and young adults have consistently showed that continually observing violence desensitizes youngsters to it, and they tend to model what they see.Children are little "learning machines." They are constantly absorbing and internalizing what they are told, what they are taught, but most especially they model what they see adults doing. If adults are violent, then that becomes the norm for the child. If the child sees violence in movies or on television, that is what is their "norm" and that is what they will mimic.If just watching others perform violent acts on television or in the movies causes children to act out what they see--how much stronger is their likelihood of acting out violently when they are taking part in the violence. That is what violent video games allows, and encourages, them to do--act violent. The person who "wins" in a violence-oriented video game is the one who does the most damage, hurts or kills the most of the "enemy," destroys the most buildings or cars.Can anyone doubt that these violent acts are being internalized, and will surface when the child is confronted by any level of hostility?
Yes, violent video games beget violence. And not just in children. Police statistics have shown conclusively that domestic violence calls escalate during end-of-season sports events.
We become what we contemplate.