Essay on Decision: Drug Addiction and Bad Decisions

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Since the origin of man, every decision and every action will determine the fate of an individual. Every second, we see all sorts of decisions being made. Some of those are well considered while others are spontaneous and intuitive. Any bad decisions will leave a burning mark in history while the good ones will clear out a bright path for the future. More important than before, the need of us think about our decisions toward different manners arises.

Reckless decisions may create pleasant results but often it will end in disaster. The stories around have told us enough about the negative effect of reckless decisions. For example, every drug addict’s story will always begin with “It was the worst decision ever made.” Numerous other criminals also admit that the decisions they made were very impulsive and thoughtless. Just like the old saying, impulse is devil. Being hot blooded, one can easily loose itself and make the decisions that will one will regret for the rest of his life.

Some may disagree that chess players can make effective decisions without much consideration, in fact, some say that it only takes less than 10 seconds for a good chess player to make a move. However, we forgot that consider that those professional chess players are trained 10 hours each day, they already see patterns within every move. Just like professional jazz players, in most cases they will not purely improvise but instead find patterns and use bits of passages from previous practices.