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Decision-Making process MGT/230August 19, 2013Decision-Making process Decision making is an evitable task we are all faced with from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed. Decisions as simple as what to wear and as complex as life and death. Fortunately I have not encounter having to make a decision that makes the difference between life and death. An important decision I did have to make a few months ago was whether I should return to school or get a second job.
Working for the same organization for several years I realized I was practically at a dead end job. Room for advancement was practically nonexistent and I was living paycheck to paycheck. I had to do something soon to get myself out of that corner so I started searching for alternatives. Getting a second job to supplement my income or going back to school seem to be good alternatives. Which of these two choices would be my best alternative.
A second job definitely would provide the extra income to live a better life. This also meant working longer days and perhaps even without a day off. Time devoted to my family would also be sacrificed. With all the time and sacrifices that need to be invested a second job is not the answer I was looking for. The benefits of a second job came at a high price and offered temporary results.
Going back to school would provide me with the education necessary to advance and obtain a better job. The time invested in school would be temporary and the results are permanent. According to ( Over their working lives, typical college graduates earn about 73%t more than typical high school graduates. Even though the results from getting an education are