Definition Essay: Can Money Buy Happiness?

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appy is defined as, “delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing” (“Happy”). What things in life make someone happy? Love, family, and friends are the first things that come to mind. Money can make a person happy. An old saying claims that “money can’t buy happiness,” but in some ways it can. It can increase the quality and satisfaction in a person’s life by making life easier. Money can buy happiness because it can let someone feel complete, let them lead a better life, let them help others, and let them experience life. Having and spending money in the right ways can make a person feel complete; this ultimately makes them happier. Buying items whenever one wants decreases the stress of every day life. There is no struggle for survival with money. Food and shelter are easily accessible anywhere. The person does not have to live paycheck to …show more content…
This helps them experience life. Vacations with family cost money, and they create memories that last a lifetime. Bonding with loved ones is essential for a happy life. Martha White explains that, “doing things with friends or family, even if it’s not as exciting, makes you happy because it fosters a sense of togetherness and connection between you and other people” (Fahey). This reinforces the idea that money can buy opportunities for people to bond, grow closer together, and benefit themselves at the same time. Many oppose the idea that money can buy happiness and love. These two are very closely related. Actual love is impossible to buy because it is a feeling; however many things can be bought that contribute to love. A person can go on a romantic vacation with the loved one or he or she could buy them gifts. Money helps create love; it opens up circumstances where love is likely to occur. Money can strengthen and build relationships to a point to where the two people love each other. The feeling cannot be bought at a store, but having money makes it easier to