Essay about Deforestation: Rainforest and Global Warming

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Syed Ali Muhaiuddin
Professor Ciarniello
We should share this land In this article Edward abbey shows an extreme concern regards to the wild life In US. He talks about how the big machine is destroying our wild life. He gives us various examples in order to help us understand how important our nature is. To show us what is happening around us without us even noticing. They are cutting down trees and burning the forests in order to expand their industries for our so-called economic growth. They are not even the taking the bigger picture in consideration. Our future depends on our nature as it has always been since the beginning of time. This is sad because we are in 21st century. Generations of smartest human beings who ever lived but we can’t even comprehend the importance of nature. It is a not only a home for us but thousands of other animal and species. Our future in our hands and we are burning, cutting and ruining it. Global warming is real people! Climate change is happening everyday and it’s time for us to wake up and stop letting the rich and so called elite destroy our future so they could make money for themselves. They are killing trees which is the reason there are way less animals in the jungles now. Especially birds, birds have their home on tree, once trees are cut down they lose their home just like million other animals. It’s very selfish of us to take many animals homes for our own good. We are not only burning and cutting down trees but we are also killing the living of the poor animals. The author was blunt and clear on sharing his opinion. The forests are disappearing at the rate of 6000 acres every hour. I am glad that their people out there who still speak the truth and stands up for what they believe in. I completely agree with the author and support him. I would encourage others share the word and save the forest because its something we use everything and its something we will need in the future. They are not even the taking the bigger picture in consideration how it will effect our future. All they are doing right now is cutting down tree and making money but no one is thinking about how we get oxygen from trees and animals live off of these forests. But we are forgetting that animals are not the only ones who get oxygen from planets, we humans do too. Every part of the forest that we cut down we loses all the animals in that part too. They die from hunger. That forest also provides the animals food. I believe we need to think about the animals, not just money and us. Deforestation can also be seen as removal of forests leading to several inequities ecologically and globally. What makes deforestation upsetting is the direct and long term effects it is bound to inflict if continued at the current speed. Some expectations state that the rain forests of the world will be destroyed fully if deforestation continues at its existing pace Our future depends on our nature, we breathe from it. We need the forest to