Delinquency: High School and Juvenile Delinquent Attention Essay

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Does delinquency usually end with adulthood or does a delinquent generally grow to be an adult criminal? Fully explain the factors involved and cite sources.
Schools create programs to prevent youths from being out on the streets and creating violent activity. Parents get involved with the schools to keep the youth motivated to finish their education. “Through this program youths remain in their homes while completing community service and other programming with a major focus on drug alcohol education.” (Richael & Patemoster, 2011) pg. 1 The Department of Human Service helps families and youths to get counseling and also put them in a criminal behavioral program. Community members organize creative activities and special programs for specialize youths that are delinquent. Schools should give students discipline like handing them detentions for fighting with other students around the classrooms or disrespecting. There are many ways to control a youth that is a delinquent encourage them to join sports. For example basketball, football, soccer, wrestling are the kind of activities that would keep out of the streets and committing a crime.
A youth could get to be a delinquent from beginning growth, because of being mistreated by family members or socializing with the wrong people. Juveniles tend to socialize with the wrong people because of family problems they might have. A male juvenile offender could begin from the age of ten, although it could also start when the juvenile is in middle school. Youth depend on their families for support if they are not able to get this support they tend to communicate with other individuals that are delinquents. Youth get peer-pressure by certain individuals to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol even though have more chance of getting caught from the police. Socialization shows how youths communicate with each other and discriminated there rise of one another. “Disruptive student behavior may imply to school authorities that the students do not buy into the school game.” (Richael & Patemoster, 2011) (pg2) However students intend to have all kind of behaviors and attitudes when they face the authority in the schools. Families could encourage youths to be a delinquent. However youth could have realities that are in gang and would show them then wrong path. Families ignoring or not paying attention to one of their children could get to be a delinquent. Parents could have strict house hold rules that youth don’t want to obey them so therefore that would make them be a delinquent. Youths would ditch school to hang out with their people that they would call friends. The youth that are bullies would think they are tough but deep inside of them they are just normal youths that got treated wrong from there guardian or parents. Youths could be abused or beaten to death by their parents that could make them to a delinquent thinking its right to mistreat other individuals around them. Youths could be followers and dressing up like certain individuals that they would want to be like. Common gang hand signs could also get youths attention and also would get them curious about learning what they mean. Youths would get judges based on what kind of color they wear and that would get a juvenile delinquent attention even if the youth weren’t in a gang. Adults that are already criminals could also get youths the wrong intentions of being a juvenile delinquents.
Youths could have peers that are delinquents even though they wouldn’t realize it until they really get to know them person how they really are. Parents that hit each other would get the youth to think its right to hit, but that would also get them to be a delinquent with all the violence around them. Youths that don't know how to properly act around people and disrespect them are more convinced to be a juvenile delinquent. The studies say that black students come from an abused family so they think that is right and they end up becoming a delinquent.