Dell's Core Competencies Essay example

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Core Competencies
Stevens-Henager College
By Lindsey Merrill
November 26, 2013

Student: Lindsey Merrill
Professor: Robert Robertson

Core competencies provide a framework for the company to build additional products, move forward into other markets, gain a larger market share, and explore new ideas. Dell Inc. has over 5000 patents today that started from the computer revolution and internet development. This paper will describe a brief history of the industries development and discuss Dell’s core competencies and marketing strategies, and make recommendations for increasing core competencies, improving vertical integration, possible global expansion scenarios, advertising
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11). Customers can call Dell’s 800 number, (1-800-289-3355) which is listed on page 13 of the 2011 annual report. Dell is committed to providing best value, simplification, and more open data center solutions to customers. Dell is moving forward through investments to grow the business organically as well as inorganically through alliances and strategic acquisitions. Dell’s acquisition strategy will continue to target opportunities that will expand the business by delivering best-value solutions for the enterprise (Dell, 2011, p. 7).

Core Competencies Dell has developed strong core competencies from established assets of building and equipment to over 5000 patents, and nearly $60 billion in annual revenue. Dell’s competencies include owner and CEO Michael Dell which has provided strong leadership. Michael Dell has built Dell Inc. with a small investment of only a $1000 dollars in 1984. Twenty-Nine years later the company now has over 7,000 sales specialist with technical training, and over 103,000 employees (Dell, 2011). Dell’s core competencies provide access to a wide variety of markets including, PC’s, IT solutions, customer service, collaboration with other companies in development, knowledge, etc. According to Guglielmo, “Two out of three business customers’ first experience with Dell is buying a PC, and about 90% of those customers go on to buy other products and services (2013). Enterprise