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Delta Writing Assignment Some biotic factor in the Sacramento - San Joaquin Delta are levee, shore birds, mammal marine, fishes, crabs, lobster, reptiles, and seabirds. Some abiotic factors are soil, water, rain and sunlight. The Delta is such a special place because you can see how clean the water in the delta and you can watch the sunset from the delta. These previous factor connected to each other by having the same fresh water, and have the same animal that is living in the delta. There is no funding to restore the Delta ecosystem. The ecosystems try to avoid extinction of desirable species and where possible recover their population. It can improve current environmental change to face rapid/incremental change. The sea level rise and shifts in runoff timing or rapid event such as earthquake and flooding. The diverting fresh water before it could reach the brackish estuary. The salinity of the water wouldn’t taste good with the fresh water being mixed together with the salt water. If the water is used for plants, then the plants would die from the water that is being used. The plants need fresh water to be able to grow. For the fish would not adapt to the salinity water. The fish is used to having fresh water or salt water it depends on where the fish live and what kind of water they live in.
The human action can be harm by having flood, earthquake and all the fish dying. The action of effect of the water cycle is there is no rain in the southern California, a lot…