Essay about Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System

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1. Evaluate the implementation of Denver International Airport Baggage Handling System. What are the top 3 factors that lead to the projects failure? Who is most at fault?

The DIA automated baggage-handling system had its uncertainties and risks like in any other project but the challenges faced were mainly due to the poor planning, 1st of its kind in terms of size of the project and underestimation of complexity of the whole project. There are many problems encountered by the project and the top 3 factors that lead to the project failure were:

1. Scope, time-schedule and budget commitments – Planning. The master plan for DIA was developed by the various experts in the respective fields but there was a fundamental strategic
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2. As Gene Di Fonso, what would you have done differently to avoid the problems faced at the end of the case?

If I am Gene Di Fonso, I would use the project life cycle as the foundation for managing this project. I will make sure that all the stages of Defining, Planning, Executing and Closing are thought through and discussed with the experts thoroughly. Especially, when comes to dealing with the hyped up City of Denver project which has government, social, economic influences and timeline to meet for DBO repayments. The product life cycle would have enforced a structure to think critically before accepting or negotiating the contract.

Both the defining and the planning stage would have provided a good assessment whether to pursue such a complex with limited timeline even though the revenue and BAE image of doing such big project is overwhelming. The downside of project failure and inability to complete the project on time would be a blow to BAE image in the public eye. Before entering into the executing stage, both the defining and planning stage would ensure the contract entails the terms and conditions and also include all the limitations, all the technical requirements in the building infrastructure stated with the realistic timeline and the deliverables stated upfront.

All major stakeholders have to be involved in the project defining stage