Denver Airport Case Essay

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Initial stakeholder analysis if conducted properly and with the correct and relevant parties such as the airlines and baggage handlers internally and also researched externally should have highlighted key planning gaps.
A detailed strategic analysis of the physical, financial and human strategic capabilities should have highlighted the evident major threats in these areas before ground was broken. “Strategic capabilities are of value when they take advantage of opportunities and neutralise threats at a cost that allows an organisation to realise acceptable levels of return” ( Johnson, Whitington and Scholes, Exploring Strategy 9th Edition).
In answering the questions I think that the decision was made without the appropriate strategic analysis and where analysis showed up problems without the appropriate actions/ resolutions.

SWOT Analysis of the Decision to Build
The feasibility study showed that up to 50% of passengers would change planes, this means a huge footfall through the airport and increased flights volumes. Voters voted for the airport development in a referendum, this is an important step in having stakeholders on side with the plans. It had been concluded that Stapleton would not be able to handle the traffic predicted for the airport by the year 2000. Geographical position increased air travel needs in the area. The proposed plan would leave room for further