Describe The Importance Of Effective Communication In Families

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In order to be successful in a professional or personal settings, communication is a very important factor. Having good communication is a healthy way of building your foundation with your family. Communication is when you are listening and paying attention to what the person is saying to you. However, when you are communicating with your family, it is very important because it allows the family members to talk to each other about their problems, and express themselves by communicating and listening to each other. This is a way for the families to resolve any issues that they may have.
Having effective communication can be found in most sturdy, and healthy families. Also, when you have family members that does not communicate with each
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For example, I come from a single family household and my siblings and I barely communicated with each other. It was not until my mother passed away when we became family oriented. Basically, there were a lot of turmoil between us. Our family did not show any affection, compassion, or have general conversations. There were times when I used to hear my mother pray that her family come together and learn how to get along with each other. It was not until I had a family of my own, is when I understood how important it was to listen and communicate with your family. For example, my daughter was being bully at school almost every day, and one day while cleaning up her room, I found a composition book that she was documenting her ordeal about the kids at school. After reading one of her entry, I realized how depressed, scared, she having low self-esteem, and upset she was. At one point, she talked about killing herself because of all of the bullying that she was encountering at school. Coming from a family that was not affectionate, I continued that trend with my children because I thought that how it was alright; only to realize that my daughter was going through emotional, physical, and mentally distress is when I began to change the way that I related to them. I