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Unit 301
Promote communication in health, social care or children and young people’s settings Identify the importance of communicating with individuals effectively
It is important to communicate with individuals effectively to build relationships with trust. The better you communicate with patients the more you become to know if there Is something worrying them or how they like to be cared for. Their trust will grow as they get to know you and you get to know them. What factors do you take into consideration when promoting communication?
Verbal communication:
Tone and pitch of your voice, does it suit the situation or what you’re talking about, if someone was sad you would lower your tone and pitch to speak to them.
Non-verbal communication: Facial and hand gestures, again this needs to be changed with a situation. Eye contact makes sure that they know you’re talking to them but not too much eye contact that you make them feel uncomfortable.
2.1) research in the code of practice for social care workers how to identify where you could obtain information regarding communication needs of individuals?
A) Family –
You could get this information from the service user’s family as they know the person best and could tell you everything you needed to know about the individual’s communication
b) Care plan-
If the service user has no family or can’t get hold of the family this information will be in the patients care plan or transfer if care if it’s a new patient.
2.2) what factors do you take into consideration when promoting communication?
We take factors like eyes we can pick up feelings when someone is looking at you e.g. if someone is staring at you it might feel like they’re giving you a hateful look . Peoples face also gives them away. We can usually read peoples face easily to know when there sad, happy, bored or aggressive. Peoples voice also show if your cross or happy and might frighten someone.

2.3) describe how you would communicate with individual using verbal and non-verbal skills?
I would communicate with individual using Non- verbal skills by using my eyes and expressions, and good body language and eye contact.
I would communicate using verbal communication by using language that they understand, talk clearly and calmly.
2.4) Explain how you would respond to an individual’s questions when communicating with them.
I would listen to what they was asking me and I would respond politely and try my best to answer what the individual asked me.

3.1) identify different support mechanisms that are available for individuals from different cultures/ backgrounds, and how this may aid communication.

3.2) identify barriers to effective communication.
Some barriers to communication could be : - Sensory impairment Physical illness Learning disability Different language

3.3) describe ways to overcome these barriers to communication.
If someone is hard of hearing you must make sure your in