Essay on Describe the Roles and Responsibilities of Personnel in Relation to Infection Prevention and Control in a Health or Social Care Setting

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Describe the roles and responsibilities of personnel in relation to infection prevention and control in a health or social care setting

In every Health and social care setting, each person has a certain responsibility. Each care worker should be responsible for their own actions with regard to protecting themselves and others from infection. Throughout this essay I will be discussing the roles and responsibilities of care and non-care workers, managers and specialist personnel.
In every work place there should be policies set in place. These policies come from the law and make reference to the standard that is legally required in a health and social care setting. These include Fire Escape plans, Health and Safety policies and
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Nurses are to verbally report anything to the manager, the manager then overviews the records and documents, and informs the Infection Control Team on a situation if necessary. The Infection Control Team must document and record all infectious outbreaks, they also have access to check and add to reports. The domestic staff have to record any equipment used for a certain patient in case they are infectious. What are the roles and responsibilities following the death of a patient? Well it is the care and non-care staff workers’ jobs to protect the dignity of the patient. The nurses must also prepare the body for the morgue and consult the relatives, they must also wear appropriate PPE because of contact with bodily fluids. The manager must organise the transfer of the body, inform the GP of the death and consult the funeral directors and specialist personnel. The infection Control Team may advise the care and non-care staff on how to prepare the body for transfer. They must also inform the staff to wear appropriate PPE and dispose of any clothing or cloth items if the body is infected. The domestic staff then have to thoroughly clean the room and all equipment used on the patient, dispose of any infected items such as bed linens.
When handling, collecting and storing specimens such as faeces, blood, urine, vomit, sputum and wound swabs it is the nurses’ responsibility to ensure each specimen is