Descriptive Essay About Spring Break

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Diagnostic Essay Name: Break

I began dozing off on the school bus, lying in a seat of my own. I was glancing out the window, waiting for it to finally be my stop. It was the beginning of spring break that day, the beginning of a whole week of complete relaxation and splendid warm weather. My neighborhood just felt like a happy place during that time, with smiling neighbors and all. Sure, it’s just a simple neighborhood with houses and friendly neighbors to some people, but to me there’s way more. Stepping out of the school bus with my brother on the beginning of spring break seemed to engulf my neighborhood with beauty. The flat plain created an enormous barrier in between my house and I. It seemed like there were so many things I haven't seen before in an area I have traveled though many times. My brother trudged on toward our home, but I just stood there and took in what I was seeing. The slightly ice-chilled breeze flew my hair loosely in front of me. I tilted my head up to the sky to see clouds as fluffy looking as evenly spread out whipped cream. I turned to the left and headed onto the flat plain, consisting of live and dead bushes randomly scattered all over the place. Rocks lived all over the place, but the ones on this terrain were bigger, more jagged, and all shared earthy colors. I smiled at the cause of enjoying the simple things I haven’t ever really paid attention to, and stumbled upon a view of three houses.

I was walking on a dirt road, and to my right there were three houses all sharing the same southwestern, Arizona look. They go from dark brown, light brown, and tan. The first house has absolute flawless landscaping; lush Palo Verde trees surrounding their house, plants around the front yard that make it more welcoming, and let me add that there is not one little weed on their yard. Behind their house is the home of two horses, individually in their own stalls, which is placed next to a detached garage. The third home on the end of the corner shares the same look as the first home, with the exclusion of a detached garage. Instead, a shed replaces it. The comparison of my two neighbor’s houses turns my attention back to the home of my own.

I sighed with a smile on my face, relieved that I made it in front of my unique home.