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Asad akhtar essay

Evaluate your roles and responsibilities in relation to the teaching cycle. How did you make your delivery inclusive and maintain a safe learning environment? What are your boundaries in relation to your learners and when and how would you refer learners to other professionals?

In order to be a successful teacher there are many key aspects, First of all you need to identify the learner’s needs and adapt and work around them in order to have a good relationship between students is vital in a teaching role. In order to identify the learners needs an initial and diagnostic assessment should be taken at the start of the course, to get an overview of the class and student’s individual needs.
Students have different needs and some students need extra support in order for them to work to the best of their abilities for example a student applied for the course who suffered from a behaviour disorder (ADHD), I was worried not only for the student but the other students as well as it can be a distraction.
To solve this I arranged a one to one session with the student in this session I discussed his needs and formed a plan to work around them for example we agreed on time outs if he felt he was uncomfortable. Then I consulted with management to verify this now extra support is given to the student and a good understanding has been formed.
All the courses I design are designed to engage all my students into the lesson and make them participate; the teaching techniques I use to facilitate vary from group activities to interactive learning styles such as interactive presentations which capture the learner’s attention and help them gather a better understanding of the topic. For example I set a task to the students to make a presentation on a topic they like and then to present it to the class and help their fellow learners understand the topic they have chosen from their personal interest this allowed for the other students in the class to understand each other better and also formed a better knowledge about each other.
As a teacher it is important that all students are treated equally and the Equality act 2010 is practiced and all nine protected characteristics are taken into account. Students found within the nine characteristics are offered extra support and all issues are evaluated and solved in order to make their learning experience equal. My role as a teacher I have to make sure all teaching strategies have to be adjusted to the learner’s individual or cultural needs. I also have to make sure all resources materials and my learning logs are up to date. As a teacher it is also my duty to address the students on healthy and safety according to the health and safety at work act 1974 and the European regulations act and ensure my students act in a safe manner and the room used to conduct the teaching is hazard free.
In a class room it is important that ground rules are set at the start of the course to ensure appropriate behaviour and respect for others as the course progresses. For example I shall set an activity which will involve for all the students in the class to talk to the person sat next to them on the topic respect this will encourage respect for each other. Also I will make clear the advantages of class rules such as mobiles on silent, arrive on time etc by doing this there is no distractions trough out the lesson and the lesson can be delivered more effectively. Gravels, petty and Wilson all support this form of ground rules and how it is good to negotiate them with students.
Assessments are designed to assess the level of understanding of a student on the topic at hand. Assessments are carried out during the training process in order to indentify where the student is lacking knowledge on the basis of the test results I consult