Descriptive Essay About Water

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As my eye lit up like the fourth of july, I stood with my feet suck to the ground and my nerves tingle with happiness because of how marvels it was. As I walked in like a king I was surprised how nice I thought this could be Bill Gates house then all of a sudden when I thought it couldn't get better two lovely people came with drinks, I never seen like a drink like this is was a least the size of a math book.

“Wow” I said amazed with how clear the water is. It was like swimming on glass or even looking through glass. When we go to the spot I thought is was going to be freezing in the water because back at the beach is was like swimming with ice on you. But as we were getting ready to go in the water with tons of people from the resort had to put on the gear first. First we put on the life jacket then we put on the goggle and snorkels. I also remember seeing a shark cause the guy yelled to the guy on the other boat because we have a party boat next to us when we went out there and when i got in the water with my luck a shark swam right by us for
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He had to sit in the room for like 1 day cause he had such bad sunburn and his skin killed. That was the last time he didn't put on sunscreen cause he need it to go outside and have some fun.this part you are going to love once when i was talking to a mexican person and he was speaking in spanish cause he wanted to know if i wanted anything cause when you're by the pool they have people that come and ask you and he spoke to me and i was like a chicken with my head cut off because he kept speaking ot in his