Descriptive Essay On Vikings

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This object is about 4 feet by 6 inches in size. It has large yellow and black letters on the bottom that spell “Vikings”. On this object there is a light skin-colored head with braided hair that is golden like the sun taking up a quarter of the size. The head is wearing a dark purple helmet with details of white along with the number 8 on it. There are horns coming out of the helmet like an actual Viking would wear. Being mostly all purple, it does have a trim of faded black all the way around and a slight tear on the bottom in the middle. It is soft and fluffy to the touch, as if you are wrapped in a bundle of clouds. The smell is home to me. This object is a blanket. This blanket is more than just a description. It is love, memories, and most importantly heaven on earth. It was given to me when my grandpa passed away. The Vikings were his and my grandma’s favorite football team. I describe one of the words as memories because when I was little girl, my grandpa and I would lay on the floor with it. We would watch many TV shows and football games while eating original flavored Giant sunflower seeds or chocolate ice …show more content…
He was the kind of guy to lend a hand to anyone, offer our cabin as a safe place, and give the shirt off his back. Having this simple but yet ineffable blanket is something that I will never let go of; it gives me hope when things aren’t going my way, gives me joy when I’m sad, and picks me up off my feet when I am mournful. At home we used to have this large fake deer for target practice. I named it Bambi and would feed it bologna every day. At night my grandpa would go out and throw the bologna away, so I thought Bambi actually ate it. When I went to daycare he would pick me up from the big white house in town with his white van. Right before we got home I would pretend to sleep so he would carry me in the house and wrap me up with the Vikings blanket on the couch. Back then three of me could fit under the