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Descriptive Statistics

One of the most beloved sports in America is Major League
Baseball. This professional sport spends billions of dollars each year enhancing the chances to reach the ultimate goal in winning the World
Series. Major League Baseball is one of the few remaining sports that have an uneven balance in the franchise wage capacity to acquire top talented players. The areas of concentration in this research paper will be player salaries, winning percentage, player performance, and salary caps. The disparity in payroll numbers among the lowest and highest-market capitalizations brings about the question; Can a small-market team be viable and compete against the marquee players? The data examined here may or may
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This research paper will take an in-depth look at the salary of a player and the capability and talent of the players both offensively and defensively to produce wins. The variables that will be taken into account and analyzed are: franchise wages, win percentage, offensive stamina and endurance, and the defensive fortitude and strength. Other variables that might be considered in the research papers are the influence of ticket prices, attendance, location, new stadiums, and salary caps which may or may not have had a bearing on the winning percentage or salaries. The research conducted by the team will be extensively investigated and will focus on the impact of all the variables and determine the association between salaries and winning.

Scatterplots and linear regression will be implemented in order to observe the correlation between the salaries from the highest paid franchises to the lowest paid franchises and their winning percentage.
The top 25 pitchers and the top 25 hitters will be analyzed according to salary and performance.

The interval measurement scale will be put into operation at various segments within the 162 regular Major League Baseball season to establish if a correlation between winning and the salary base of the organization. The intent of the analysis is to determine whether franchises with high salary