Design and Mercedes Benz Essay

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The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa lasted five days and joined by the leading designers in South Africa, including David Tlale, Thula Sindi, and Gavian Rajah. Many of them won international awards, such as Ituen Basi, who was named Desiner of the Year. He is known for using traditional African prints and details in his work. Another award winner disigner was Laurence Chauvin Buthaud, who won International Emerging Designer of the year. She also takes the same approach as Basi and includes traditional prints and textiles in her men's wear line. Most of these award winning designers felt this marked a positive approach to their brand, they can now show their collection in any Fashion Week shows within different countries that Mercedes Benz host. This would allow for their brands to grow globally and be seen by more people. This was one of the benefits that happened after the partnership between AFI and Mercedes Benz back in March. Chairwoman of AFI, Precious Moloi-Motsepe, believes that the partnership brings them Global "relevance", she also states that African fashion should be shown in all parts of the world and with this partnership that will be possible. With this partnership, recognition will be made to Africa, and what it represents through fashion. These African designers believe that their designs combine all elements of talent, diversity, and understanding of the African design and fashion. They want to show the world the best that Africa can offer, and what