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GH21 Design Plan

I am creating the images to add to my own portfolio to showcase my techniques in creativity.

Suitable Images-
I drew my inspiration from my theme which is circus/carnival, for my first image I will be creating the image of a ringmaster. To do this I am creating an avante garde hair style on my model using block colours, shaving and setting the hair.

Roles and Responsibilties of people involved-
I am going to go to the colleges to see if I can get a photography student to take the pictures for me to use within their own portfolios, I am also using the same approach for the makeup involved.
* Hair colouring products * Clippers * Tail comb (for setting the hair) * Straighteners * Bobby pins * Added hair * Outfit (unspecified as of yet) * Props (something to stand on)

I haven’t set myself a budget as i am intending to use the colleges to use their assistance for free as they can use the images for their own portfolios.
Health & safety-
Skin test will be carried out before the colouring service, all my equipment will be PAT tested efficiently, I will risk assess appropriately for the props I will be using i.e. a stand that my model will be standing on will be safe and secure.

Foreseeable problems-
Photographer cannot make it- I have a digital camera so could easily take the images myself.
Make –up artist unavailable – I could do the makeup myself.
Model is ill – I could