Designing a New Direct Sales and Accounting System Essay

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Technical Paper
Final Project Plan

Submitted by: Angel Martinez

In this paper, I will be simulating, that as a project manager, I have been designated to design a new Direct sales and Accounting System for up a coming business “Especially for you Jewelers”, or EFYJ. I will be assessing Business benefits, explaining the capabilities, and giving examples of three (3) possible scenarios. I will attempt to create a Vision Document, Activity Diagram, and a Use Case Description.


When designing any new system special considerations, guidelines, and specification should be taken into consideration. It is best practice that as many people as possible participate in the project, adding some sort of
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Categories purchases and method used A list would be generated showing the method that a customer has used in order to purchase the item. The system would then create a “pending list” “actual profit” or “in progress reports” pertaining to the method of purchase.


Process of a customer ordering using on-line catalog. (see figure 1.0)
Many times due to personal schedules, people don’t have the ability to walk into an establishment in order to shop around. By having a system that is able market and sale an item on-line is very convenient for a customer.
Creating special sales and promotions tailored to past and current customers. (See figure 2.0)
Generating special promotions for new, current and future companies is an added luxury. This would encourage the customer to at a later date, shop at our jewelry’s store if it offered discounts for future transactions, or for business recommended to other potential customers
Set up payment options available to the customer. (see figure 3.0)
Many times, due to financial times, many people may not own credit cards. This may occur because of having bad credit or personal reasons where they opt not to carry that burden. I think by offering customers the ability to pay cash or check for items purchased on-line adds more potential to reaching new horizon of customers.

Upgrade and consolidation of Direct Sales and