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Destined For Script
Stephanie Makayla Noah Destiny Commercial ends then
Destiny- “Good Morning everyone, and thank you for tuning in to destined for Today’s episode is going to be a feature on the holocaust. Our first guest is Mrs. Gloria Hollander lyon. She is a survivor from the Holocaust, let’s give her a special welcome!”
Gloria- “Thank you all, it is so nice to be here” Gives a hug to Destiny then sits down.
Destiny- “So Gloria, what are your earliest memories?”
Gloria- “My earliest memories were in my birth place Czechoslovakia. I remember having fun in life, going to school and helping my parents on our farm. I collected the eggs. I had a normal life if there is such thing as a normal life.”
Destiny – “How have your religious views changed if any and how were they influenced in by the Holocaust?”
Gloria- “Many times I questions whether there was a God and if there was then why didn’t he help us? I went through a period of doubt but I never lost hope, nor did I lose my faith.”
Destiny – “That is very inspiring, are you still proud of your faith today?”
Gloria - “Yes, I am very proud to be Jewish.”
Destiny- “What do you think helped you and your family to survive?”
Gloria- “I really think it’s because my family had blue eyes and I had green eyes. I also had blonde made such a difference to them.
Destiny- “Well, thank you so much for sharing with us today.”
Gloria exits after hugging Destiny once more.
Destiny- “Alright everyone, our next guest is Doctor Josef Mengele.”
Josef - “Hello. It’s nice to be here.”
Someone in the crowd yells “LIAR”
Destiny- “Now, now, let’s not…”
Josef- “That’s okay, let them talk, I pay no mind to their criticism.”
Destiny- “Well, okay. So Doctor, what led you to your first experiments?”
Josef- “Well, I was wounded while on campaign while I was in the SS Division and when I returned to Germany; I had become curious and so I followed my curiosity”
Destiny- “Aside to the audience. “There is a reason curiosity killed the cat.” “So how were you able to conduct your experiments on children?”
Josef- “Well, I bribed them of course, I gave them clean clothes and sweets”
Destiny- “Well, that’s interesting. Did you conduct experiments on twins?”
Josef- “Why yes I did, I sewed themed together.”
Boos from the crowd.
Destiny- “Why is it that your findings cannot be found?”
Josef- “They were destroyed by a doctor who I will never name.”
Destiny- “Well, thanks for sharing and uh being here.”
Josef leaves with no claps and crowd yells “Bye Felicia!”
Destiny- “Now