Developing Rural Areas to Re-Allocate the Population. Essay

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It is apparent that the more the city develops, the more its population increases, therefore, the accommodation is becoming one of the most important concerns. One answer is providing more big apartments for the urbaners and the other choice is accelerating the developing potentials in countryside to reallocate the population. However, it is considered more effective to apply the second solution in favor of sustainable development in the city.

The first key factor to cite developing remote areas is to reduce the number of people in the city. The root reason of housing shortage in mega city is overpopulation. Accommodating more flats inside cities gives the urbaners opportunities to possess their own house and make an end in unsecure motels; however, there is still an existence of high population density. Developing remote ares, in contrast, directedly helps this figure fall down by attracting the workers to come back their hometown. Therefore, there would be no threat of lacking houses for the citizens.

It is the exploitation of the potentials and natural resources in countryside that outweighs the first solution. Considering long-term development of the country, there is no doubt that oneday the growth of metropolies would turn into limited with almost all of their resouces running out. While the limitation of the cities can be seen obviously, the room for rural areas ‘s development is considered huge because several promises are covered such as large land, beautiful sights and natural resources. That would contribute a huge proportion to economy scale of the country if their role is highly appreciated and remote areas have been invested carefully from now on.

The final reason for chosing the countryside to be the centered target