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The concept of friendship is widely varied on a person’s personal experience and interactions with various people in their life time. Friendships vary from minor friends, or best friends to lovers and life partners. The way a person determines a friendship is often the same in the various people I have interviewed and is often positive aspects in nature. Many of the people I interviewed looked for characteristics such as: honesty, trustworthiness, dependability, and reliability. People seek out friendship to have someone of the same mind set and equal mental stature or personality traits to either lean on for support or to support in their time of need. Many friends are there for social support and to create a network for security and support in that individual’s life. Personally my requirements for a friend are very general and easy to complete, however my requirements for a best friend are much more specific and well placed. Many of my current best friends are ones that I met toward the beginning to high school through either football or other social events in the school. My number one best friend however has been with me since I mover to this area seven years ago and started middle school at West Minico. My best friends have always been people that are willing to listen, but not just listen they also respond in fitting ways either through empathy or through personal belief. When I go to my friends with a mind stunting problem I cannot get through they often just make me look at it from a different perspective than what I am conditioned to see. There always around to guide me when I am lost and they are always around to celebrate when I am free of fear or confusion. I interviewed several people and they all said similar responses to the questions asked. Paul Blancher was more interested in how the person acted as a person rather than how they were specifically toward him. Many of the friends he talked about were proven to be his friends by the people they were prior to his decision to make them his friends. He claimed that this was the best way to syphon out the people that were fake in their intentions to improve his wellbeing by being his friend. Paul considered honesty to be one of the most important characteristics to a strong best friend. He determined a person’s honesty by their willingness to communicate and fallow through with their actions as promised. He said his wife was his best friend and that she was the one he could always look to for an honest opinion or statement regardless of his feelings or beliefs she would give him her answer to a problem. Over the course of their friendship he said time has built their trust in each other. He foresees that in the coming ten years he and his wife will still be a strong friendship and be even closer and more sure in their strengths as a couple. Lacy Blanchard is the wife to Paul and she said he was her life partner but her best friend was a woman that she knew all the way back to her childhood creating a friendship lasting up to thirty years and still growing. Many of the reasons Lacy claimed her best friend was her best friend were life experiences they had shared together. They have been together since child hood and went to school together. She said the landmark moment that signified their friendship was having their children at the same time. Going through that together and many other ups and downs of life have built up their trust in each other