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Joseph Cordova
Developmental Psychology 220-501
Essay #1

When I think back to my childhood years I mostly think about myself at the age of 9. I think of all the fun times I had with my neighborhood friends and all the bad times I had at school. My family is Catholic so that is one reason for me going to a Catholic school. We are also from a spanish descent. I grew up in a somewhat small town and I went to a private catholic school my entire life. Now that I look back on it, it was very beneficial for me because I got a great education while I was growing up. Another reason it was beneficial for me was because the group of kids I started out school with stayed with me in the same class all the way through graduation. We grew really close to one another. In a way it was good because none of us had to really experience any social domains but at the same time it could have helped us out in some ways. There were a few public schools in town and none of us really knew anyone outside of our school so we did not get to experience what other people from public schools were like and how we differ from each other. At that time I absolutely hated going to school there. Our teachers were very strict, the school work was very difficult, and the cafeteria food was horrible. Everyday after school either my mom or my aunt would take me to Burger King to get food then i’d go home and watch Full House, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, or saved by the bell, which were and still are a few of my favorite shows. After that I had tons of homework to do which didn’t leave me with very much free time to go out and play with my friends. Other than me absolutely hating school at the time I lived a really good life.
My family was and still is very caring. I was raised by my mother and my grandmother who I am still very close with. I am an only child so I grew up pretty spoiled not only from my mother and grandmother but my entire family and it’s still kind of like that till this day. My family has helped me out a lot. When i’d get home from school and I was ready to do homework either my mom or grandma would help me. I