Deviance Without Victims Essay example

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Deviance without victims
Deviance does not take place in a vacuum. It is a constant strictly sociological process, therefore it happens more in some places than in others, more at some times than at others , and more in some situations than in others (Clinard, 2011). Therefore the concept of homosexuality as deviance does occur more often during some times than in others and in some places more than in others. This sort of inconsistency is natural for the human world. Thousands of years ago homosexuality was very much accepted in the Roman and Greek empire (Fiero, 2011). There are many places and times, as of recent that have also accepted homosexuality as part of life and it certainly does not make their deviance list.
We, however live in a society where homosexuality is still considered a deviant occurrence. This proposal aims at removing that stigma and reclassifying homosexuality as non-deviant behavior. We should focus more on the deviance categories that hurt people and communities, homosexuality when left alone and not stigmatized, does not hurt anyone- it is a victimless deviance in its core. The sad part is that homosexuals become victims of the non-homosexuals due to that stereotype and misunderstanding.
As already mentioned, homosexuality does not hurt people, damage public property or anything negative like that. People who identify themselves as homosexuals are regular people like you and I with the only difference that they prefer the same sex…