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One in five teens start smoking every day; it could be your teen. This nonsense could be prevented, but it has to start with us. My opinion on teen tobacco usage is that it is seriously harmful and preventable. Smoking chances are higher with those of nine to eleven years of education; smoking is highest among people below the poverty level. Most teens start smoking because someone they admire smokes like a family member or a best friend. The American Heart Association studies show that smoking prevalence is higher among those with nine to eleven years of education (35.4 percent) compared with those with more than 16 years of education (11.6 percent). Parents now may think, "Wow, I’m never sending my teen to school.” However, that just means less time to be in school, and not being in school means not learning. To prevent teen smoking from happening, simply watch your child at school. Also, make sure they go to college or higher education and do something with their lives because when teens have a higher education, they will be able to get a job and start a family. They probably won’t be thinking how to sneak a smoke from my mom

The American Heart Association studies show that smoking is highest among persons living below the poverty level. This study doesn’t mean when your child gets to the point in their life when they’re old enough to be on their own; give them money, so they won’t be poor. Do not let your teen live their life; if they need money by all means help your child, just let them see how life is without mommy. To prevent this from happening, simply do what I said in my previous paragraph. SCHOOL! More education leads to more money; that leads to more chances they will not become poor and be the many that smoke all day and all night. It does not stop here. Be mindful of friends and family members too.

The Tipping Point studies show that one of the primary reasons teens begins smoking is in imitation of another smoking teen that they admire. Now you’re