Dialect In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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In today’s modern age, where everyone is contributing to the field of writing through writing product reviews, blogging or critiquing, the distinguishing characteristic of the fine art of writing is said to be declining to some degree. The shape of English language is changing rapidly because of these new mediums of writing. Although it is good that the language is not static, it is vital to include some old high quality literature texts in curriculums for younger generation, so that with these changes, they don’t forget the roots of English literature and great writers like Shakespeare and Hurston. Well rounded education must have a solid background of both current and traditional writing, for the establishment in traditional writing, an …show more content…
The dialect might not be relevant today, yet schools should be offered these type of novels as an optional courses. Hurston's utilization of a dialect characterize the identity and life position of each individual that her primary character (Janie) connected with. She effectively utilized exchange and a far reaching dialect in her novel to build up the economic well being and characterize the identity of her characters in her novel Their Eyes Were Watching God. In Their Eyes Were Watching God the vernacular plainly demonstrates that Janie, Tea cake, phoebe, and so on are all african americans from the profound south. For instance, in Their Eye's are watching God there is a quote that says: "Ah see you is. Lady, you sho looks goood."(4). The peruser can see from the way they talk that they are illiterate and have a southern way of speaking. Subsequently, the vernacular sets up how the characters in this novel are and where they originate from. One case of how the creator utilized lingo to mirror a persons character and identity in TEWWG is through Janie's first spouse Logan Killicks. For instance his stupidity was reflected in his discourse. "Naw, Ah needs two donkeys dis better believe it. Taters is goin' tuh be taters in de fall. Bringin' enormous costs. Ok points tuh run two furrows, and dis man Ah'm talkin' 'session us got un donkey all gentled up so even uh lady family handle 'im." (Pg. 27) Here is communicating his craving for Janie to work in the fields with him, not able to grasp why she would not have any desire to take after his desires. Logan was a basic man whose vernacular demonstrates to Janie and the peruser that he needed aspiration and delight. Zora Neale Hurston gave her characters the dialect that she actually was acquainted