Dick Spencer Case Essay

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The Dick Spencer case study contains multiple management issues but perhaps the most glaring problem is Dick’s micromanagement approach. This leadership style appears to be having a very negative impact on employee morale. Additionally, Dick’s approach seems to be perpetuating resistance to desired organizational changes. These three problems are not new to organizations, and a great deal of published literature exists that defines, describes and suggests recommendations to help overcome these issues. Some research data echoes other’s findings but others hold interesting points of view, especially with regard to micromanagement.
Micromanagement has been defined and described in many ways. In the most simplistic form
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The goal is to earn the micromanager’s trust. Perhaps the hardest action to take is non-action, as one must pick battles that are worth fighting. Micromanagement does not go away overnight.
Organizational morale plays a major role in that organization’s productivity (Sirota, Mischkind & Meltzer, 2005). “Leaders should care about the morale of their employees—not because of humanitarian concern for worker’s happiness, but because study after study unmistakably shows a direct link between employee morale and company performance (Sirota, Mischkind & Meltzer, 2005).” According to Dr. Gene Klann (Klann, 2004), morale is described as a reflection of a person’s or group’s attitude or mental condition. People with a high level of morale are most likely to be cooperative, optimistic, and supportive of the organization’s vision and mission (Klann, 2004). Other qualities or behaviors include persistence, a can-do attitude and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to accomplish organizational goals (Klann, 2004). Dr. Klann (Klann, 2004) goes on to state employees with high morale “quietly but with great confidence in themselves and the group go about the business of completing their tasks.” One can see how these behaviors are conducive to maintaining or even increasing an organization’s productivity. Given this importance, managers then should be aware of what to do to help foster high morale.