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Dickey, Justin D. E-3 20141128 5/11R 1st PLT
Title: First to Fight
Author: Victor H. Krulak LtGen, USMC (Ret.)

I chose the book “First to Fight” because it was recommended to me by my chain of command, and has a good look inside the Marine Corps and military.

The book “First to Fight” by LtGen. Victor H. Krulak was a very informative book that went through the Marine Corps history. One of the main things that was discussed in the book “First to Fight” was how the Marine Corps struggled to survive constantly, but they continuously proved themselves in battle and the right to exist. It also mentioned how the other branches tried to absorb the Marine Corps into its ranks and how the president wished to disband our Marine Corps. Through the battles the Marine Corps showed that it was the United States readiness force. The Marine Corps engaged in many amphibious assaults which proved itself to its opposition in the other military branches and the government. The island hopping campaign is a good example of amphibious assaults that the Marine Corps conducted. These assaults helped us shape and refine the amphibious doctrine the Marine Corps follows. With the successes it helped to show that the Marine Corps deserved a place in the United States military and that no other branch could conduct amphibious assaults as well. Our ability to conduct successful amphibious assault operations showed that we couldn’t be absorbed into another branch nor disbanded.

One of the reasons Marine Corps was able to fight absorption and disbandment was the fact that we had the ability