Diet And Exercise Analysis Wk 4 Essay

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Diet and Exercise Analysis
Dayna Compton
June 19, 2014
Timothy Baghurst

Diet and Exercise Analysis
After tracking my eating habits this week, I can say that not too much has changed since week two. Although I am more self-conscious and I know what I should be eating, I have not fully made a change in my diet to eat a balanced meal, every meal. I am somewhat of a picky eater so it is hard for me to generate ideas of what I could eat in place of something else. I also only eat when I feel hungry so incorporating a snack in between the three main meals has not been successful.
Comparing my diet to the recommendations on, I am still struggling with consuming the right amount of dairy and fruits each day. There was one day, Day 2, which I do feel I did fairly well, consuming at least 50% of each category. On the other two days I was either lacking veggies or lacking dairy products. I still have a significant improvement I can make and with time feel that I could eventually create a meal plan where I consume 100% of each food group, each day.
As far as exercise goes, I have not picked up any extra activities other than the typical running that I have been doing for the past year. This is not an everyday activity, though it should be. Working a full time job, having a family and being enrolled in school seems to consume majority of my time and exercise is always the activity that gets pushed to the back burner because to me it is not as important at the moment as…