Differences: Shyness and Good Listener Essay

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“Five fingers are not the same”. Similarly I’m not exactly the same to any other human being, but what makes me unique from anyone else? I’m just as unique as everyone else but in different ways. I’m going to state three points that would help you understand the quote “five fingers are not the same”. First of all my personality differs me from everyone, followed by my interests and lastly my dislikes. Given these points I am going to elaborate further more in the coming paragraphs.

Every human being is unique in their own way, take my personality for example.im actually shy, and sometimes my shyness can be misinterpreted as standoffishness or aloofness. But that not the case, I just need to feel my comfort zone before I go public with my ideas and feelings. For instance usually for the first or five weeks depending on the class atmosphere. I can get quite shy may not be able to present a project in front of a class because I haven’t felt my comfort zone. Also to be kind is one of my personality, due to this kindness I often get shocked when others behave in ways that are unkind or cruel. Now am I gullible? Not at all, I just expect the best from everyone and assume that people don’t go around intentionally hurting each other because, that’s not the kind of thing I would do. For example I went for a vacation to Tanzania and I was driving my cousins car, went shopping and parked then after walking away from the car then a man approached me and said that the parking is pay parking and told me to give him “100 shillings” . I gave him the money and told him to keep an eye on the car. Of course he wasn’t out there when I was done but I knew he was in real need for some money, looked like he hasn’t ate for days. Now that I have talked about me being kind, let’s move on to my personality of a good listener. Everyone has something that bothers them some like to share and some don’t. And I feel that to talk it out is the best way. Mostly all my friends love to pore their problems out to me. I listen to all of them patently and try to solve their problems just by taking it out. Most of the time the I don’t even have to advice my friends, which is a good thing since I dislike giving advices, in case of fingers points back at me for the advice given.to sum up a few of my personalities that I have expressed such as being shy, being kind and also a good listener make me who I’m.

Similarly my interests also differ me from other people. One of my interests is in food I love to eat and I like to cook. For example whenever mom doesn’t feel like cooking, she will let me know so I can cook for the family. Last week Friday I made dinner and we had rotisserie chicken with mango salad and brown rice, I usually use food.ca or YouTube and also my own ideas. Another interest of mine is to go fishing, but this year I didn’t get a chance to go fishing. So far I have been to places such as 1000 islands, sunset beach, tobermory and of course own Lake Ontario from new castle port till Pickering port. Haven’t fished in Toronto yet but I bet it would be nice to fish in the city. If there even is a spot to fish in Toronto harbour side. I also love to drive, going for long drives up north or even to Toronto harbour late night for a walk with my partner that I have been with for a year now. My partner dislikes the long late night drives. Now I find late night drives very peaceful when there are hardly any cars around. All in all food .fishing and driving are some of my interests that personalizes me.

Equally important are my dislikes. I really hate it when while driving people play road games for example, I’m on the 401…