Dimensions and Competencies for Supervision and Consultation: Week 8 Application Essay

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Dimensions and Competencies for Supervision and Consultation: Week 8 Application

Case study eighteen is a difficult situation when it involves personal relationship and your professionalism. Analyzing this case I would say that as a counselor one should away follow the guideline that have been set in place in order to be a successful counselor. Therefore, you can’t let your personal relationship effect the job that you have before you. As we know counselor should separate from their personal feelings because it could have a great affect on the client counseling. With this case with Phyllis and Jena, once she found out that it was someone whom she had been very close friends with Phyllis should have gone to her supervisor and informed her that she and Jena we once very close friends. She should have also said that she believed that is would cause problem for her. Phyllis should have asked could she be assigned someone else because of this conflict. But because she did not do so now she has to deal with what is going on. The standard states that providing supervisory a service within a dual relationship is prohibited (ACA, 2005, Standard F.3.d). If I was Phyllis supervisor I would talk with her and Jenna in a conference to discuss the issues and provide suggestions in working out the issues. I would also talk with Jenna about the finding that Phyllis has in her notes about Jena counseling style is instinctive and how she have difficulty articulating a theoretical rationale for her interventions. I also would give her tips on how to better serve her client and I would also provide suggestion to Phyllis and remind her of what she has learned in her supervision course and training. I would have also collaborated with other supervisor if I was unable to reach my supervisor. Also in the group setting that I meet I would have discussed the situation with the group and the group may have been able to give me some good advice on how I could better handle this situation. An ethical issue that comes to mine in my current employment would be assisting the counselors in the middle/ high setting with students. There are many issues that accrue in any school setting. Such as bullying, rape, child abuse just to name a few. One that comes to mind would be when a student reported to her principal that she had been raped by her stepfather. The principal did nothing about it. Two weeks later the student when to the counselor and reported that she had been raped by her stepfather again and tells the counselor that she had reported it to the principal. The student is afraid to go home because she doesn’t what this to happen again. The student tells the counselor that is thanking about running away from home. The counselor in turn reported it to Child Protection Servers. After it was reporter they sent out a case worker to investigate the situation and that put the principle in a terrible position. By law, we are required to report any suspected abuse of any kind. This situation will and can cause the principal and the board of education problems, such as a law suit, legal action against the principle and the board of education. The counselor did follow the right protocol and was covered. As an ethical counselor I would seek advice on how to handle the situation and consult legal assistance. When dealing with children in any setting we are responsible for their safety whether it is at school or home. Therefore, with supervisor and supervisees the ACES 1.03 states that they should be aware of their clients’ rights, which would include protecting their clients’ right to privacy and confidentiality. Also 2.03 state that supervisors make their supervisees award of the ethical and professional standards as well as the legal responsibilities of the counseling profession. Some other cods that should have been followed are 2.08 and 2.12 (ACES, 1993). I would also make sure that the Family involvement is