Essay on Director of Hamlet

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If I was a director creating Hamlet the way I saw fit, I would depict Hamlet as more acting crazy than actually being crazy. The reason I see him as more stable than he may appear to other characters is because the ghost that appeared to him was telling the truth about his demise. If Hamlet had gone through with his plan to prove Claudius was a murderer through watching his expression as he watched the play with in the play depicting the king being killed and Claudius was proven not to be guilty, Hamlet would come off as crazy because the apparition that came to him was wrong and would create a doubt in my mind that Hamlet had in fact imagined the ghost and was indeed crazy. Due to the ghosts truthfulness it says to me that Hamlet is not crazy. As the director in the scene where Hamlet confronts his mother and kills Polonius (act 3 scene 4), I would want Hamlet to come off as angry, but at the same time level headed. If he came bounding into the room and began throwing his mother around I believe he would come off as crazy to the audience and that is not how I see him. I would have him enter the stage yelling at his mother, but I would have him stay far from her up until he kills Polonius. As Hamlet walks toward Gertrude, I would have her saying the line “what have I done, that thou dar’st wag thy tongue in noise so rude against me?” (pg. 173 lines 47-48). At this point I would have Hamlet calm down his tone; he would still be pressing his mother, but not yelling at her. Once the Ghost appears I would have Hamlet seem surprised by this visit, but then calm down and speak normally to the ghost. It may seem strange to be talking to nothing in Gertrude’s eyes, but it is far less insane then