Essay on Discrimination and Skin Color

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Haven Roberts
Formal Essay
ENG 102

Upon my evaluation of Discrimination I noticed several key facts about it. Discrimination is more than just a rude action people can afflict on others, for it can be dangerous if it gets out of hand. Discrimination is still relevant to this day and there’s many opportunities that one can find themselves tempted into discriminating against another person. From my readings I’ve learned that anyone can be harassed by others not only based on their race but other key factors. One can be discriminated against by other things like in the story “In response to Executive order 9066” involving a young Japanese girl who was raised in America due to the war. She was talked about due to her race and the fact that she came from the same country that bombed America and many people looked at her as an enemy, she was discriminated against by her own people for she never knew what Japanese tradition was.
In my own personal experiences with discrimination I have both seen and felt the emotional impact one can feel along with it. In fact I will admit that I have discriminated against another person based on gender, race, and religious preference. One of my personal experiences was last week when I was trying to find a church to go to and was invited by an old friend from high school to come to his church. The problem was his church believed different than me and I knew they would all look down on me. Some of the people that go there I always get a strange feeling when I am around them and that’s why I chose not to go there. I know it could probably go either way as far as who is showing discrimination, for many guest that go there are treated like they don’t belong
When I wrote the word discrimination in the middle of my paper the first thought I wrote beside it was Jackson County. The reason being was that it’s my home town where politics and discrimination are a part of everyone’s daily life down here. It first starts with your last name and who your mom and dad is. I learned this at a young age when I played for my elementary and middle school basketball team. I split seconds with a boy on my team who sat on the bench with me and the reason I said seconds was because we never played passed a minute in a game. The boys that played the majority of the game weren’t better than me it’s just that their moms