Essay on Discuss issues with trying to maintain a healthy weight

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One of the issues with trying to maintain a healthy weight is down to food producers and advertisers. Food producers want to make sure that their product tastes good in order for it to sell and be appealing to customers this means that lots of bad ingredients and hidden sugars are added into foods which is bad for our health, but because the food taste good people will still continue to consume it. Advertisers will try to persuade customers to buy their product by trying to persuade them that they need it. By doing this it will encourage them to consume unhealthy/energy dense foods. These two things means that people will be consume very unhealthy things and sometimes may not even know what they are eating due to poor food labelling. If they eat a lot of this then it can cause them to gain weight which is not a healthy weight.
Supermarkets can also be an issue for not being able to maintain a healthy weight. Supermarkets tend to make unhealthier foods a lot cheaper than healthy foods. This means that people who are short on money could be forced to buy the unhealthier option since they cannot afford the healthy option. Also when supermarkets put sweets at the checkout it could cause someone to impulse buy them which can add lots of unplanned calories to their shopping basket. This will make keeping a healthy weight more difficult as they will not want to waste the sweets that they have bought so it can add more calories to their diet and if they continue these impulse buys at the checkout it