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Jennifer Watson
Student ID: JENWAT7288
Date: 7/26/13

1. What have you learned in this unit?
I have learned the names for many of the parts in Windows explorer that I already thought I knew. I know how to navigate my way through explorer quite well, but when it comes to name all of the parts involved I was at a loss. I have learned the different tools that are available to ensure that your files are backed up. I personally, after reading several of the other students posts have created a Google drive. It is very convenient for saving all of my information and allows me to access those documents from both work and home. 2. What did you like best in this unit?

The part that I enjoyed most in this unit was learning all of the terms that are used throughout internet explorer. I have never used this terminology when referring to different areas on the computer. This will help me when talking to others about navigating through the internet.

3. What did you like least?

The part that I liked the least was definitely the pretest. I thought I knew a lot about the computer but I quickly realized after getting a failing grade on the pretest, that I don’t know as much as I thought. I use these computer applications every day at work. I look forward to learning more about them throughout this class.

4. Are you having any problems with any of the material thus far?

The only problem I had was trying to locate the assessment assignments, but…