Essay on Disney Organizational Behavior

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Disney Organizational Behavior i

Disney Organizational Behavior

Axia College of the University of Phoenix

MGT 245/Organizational Theory & Behavior

Bonetta Mozingo

September 14, 2008

Disney Organizational Behavior 1

Walt Disney once said, “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in

the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” He realized early that the only

way his company would be successful, and he could create the environment he was striving for,

would be by implementing strategic organizational behavior methods (Waltz, 2007).

Organizational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals,

groups, and
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The company

was also the only Hollywood studio without union representation, and as such was targeted

by the American Federation of Labor (Price, 2000). Disney soon realized its mistakes and

initialized a union (Waltz, 2007).

As successful as the Disney Company is, it is not without its skeptics. A large part of the

Disney HR management training centers on employee relations including equal employment

opportunity (Rubis, 1998). However, the National Labor Committee (NLC), an American human

rights advocacy group, has highlighted the position of 2000 Disney workers in Haiti, the poorest

Disney Organizational Behavior 4

country in the Caribbean. The NLC attempted to persuade the Walt Disney Company to allow

independent monitoring of terms and conditions in their four Haitian plants. At first Disney

claimed that it had no employees in Haiti and no responsibility for subcontractors. It then sent

its own representatives but refused requests for independent monitors. The company’s chief

executive, Michael Eisner received over $185 million in pay and share options in 1996. One

hour’s remuneration for Eisner was the equivalent of 156 years work for a Haitian machine

operator producing Disney clothing (Price, 2000). While Disney officials lay no claim to

perfection, their techniques provide plenty of food for thought for anyone involved in HR