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Behavior and Communication: Walt Disney

January 6, 2014

Behavior and Communication: Walt Disney
For over nine decades, Walt Disney Company has been known to many across America and around the world. From their very humble beginnings in 1920 to the global corporation they are today, Walt Disney Company has become very successful. The success the organization has is largely due to their commitment to their values and culture.
Walt Disney Company has a very strong culture in their organization. They are one of the first companies to develop culture in an organization. According to Disney’s website, “The Walt Disney Company’s values focus on the human element of their business — not only the guests, consumers and audiences, but also their employees and cast and crew members .” Disney’s culture has six core values. These values are innovation, quality, community, story-telling, optimism, and decency (Disney Workplaces, 2013). Disney has established a culture for their employees that allows them to feel that they are valued as an individual and a vital part of the team .
The development of Disney Institute started as a way to train employees of the expectations required to become an employee of Walt Disney Company. Disney Institute was so successful that the same ideas have been taught to various other companies on how to create a good organizational culture. The benefits of this training employees receive supplements the organizations culture.
Walt Disney Company has an extensive amount of different internal communication options. The most popular is Disney’s Eyes and Ears, a published internal newsletter. Disney’s Eyes and Ears is a full color magazine that promotes Disney’s brand and culture. The magazine includes articles on Disney's four keys--Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency. Health and wellness tips, awards, and behaviors expected from every team member are just a few other important articles found in the magazine . Along with Disney’s Eyes and Ears the company also uses many other means of internal communication including:
Intranet website
Backstage communication bulletin boards
Wallet cards
Backstage radio and TV
The company promotes itself externally just as much as it does internally (Kober, 2011). Walt Disney Company delivers its message to the outside world through press conferences, commericals, and stockholder meetings. Communication in an organization is greatly determined by the organizations culture. Having a strong culture is directly a result of good communication techniques. In order for a companys culture to be successful there has to be clear and effective communication. If communication is weak the culture would not empower employees and have a positive impact on the commitment to the culture. If the culture is effective it needs 360-degree communications . Walt Disney Company has such a succesful culture as a result from their many communication options. As a result of the extensive means of communication available to every employee, it only enhances their culture. Walt Disney Company has espoused values that to some have not always aligned with their enacted values. Walt Disney Company’s value of community was questioned over the years. Disney’s value of community is supposed to provide family