Disorders and Diseases Affecting the Lymphatic System Essay

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Disorders and Diseases Affecting the Lymphatic System Jennifer Hicks July 3, 2015

According to Magill’s Medical Guide Elephnatiasis (aka filariasis) is a grossly disfiguring disease caused by a round worm parasite; it is the advanced stage of the disease Bancroft’s filarias, contracted through round worms. With this you can experience several symptoms including recurrent fever, inflammation of lymph nodes, and possible gross enlargement of a body part. This disease is caused by infestation of round worm parasites as discussed earlier, but how do you contract these parasites? These parasites are carried by mosquitos and black flies. So a bite from an infected mosquito can cause a person to contract the worm parasite. This usually occurs in tropical regions of the Americas, Asia, and Africa. There are approximately 120 million people worldwide infected, of these 40 million are disfigured or have chronic disease. The adult parasite sets up its establishment inside a lymphatic vessel of the carrying host. This in turn causing abnormalities in the lymphatic integrity system and its functions. People who are infected can develop scar tissue and fibrosis inside and around the affected lymphatic vessel. This leads to permanent characteristic pathology manifested by irreversible lymphedema. To try and prevent yourself from being infected with these parasites utilize a mosquito repellant this will hopefully keep you from receiving a bite from an infected mosquito, especially if you are in a tropical place where this usually occurs. Always read the