Diversity Rights Equality P1 Essay

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P1- Rosie Emmett
Diversity- the world would be a better place if everyone was treated equally even though they are different. Everyone is going to be different from another person, within personality, race, gender, sexuality, looks and appearance. Diversity is the understanding that everyone is different and unique from the next person no one is the same as the next person and everyone is different in one way or another. If everyone believed in diversity it would stop bullying and making people feel small within them and not feeling special, which would also give people lower anxiety and depression levels, which would be good in health and social as it would lower the amount of councillors needed, meaning people in the world would be happier. Diversity in the health and social care settings with able to make people understand that everyone should be treated equally for being different and should be respected, this would be good as then people who have mental health illnesses etc, won’t be looked upon as different, which they are not. There are many things that people can be discriminated against for example, age gender, height, hair colour, eye colour, race, appearance, religion, where they are from. Anything about a person can be discriminated and different from another person. This is why in health and social it is very important for a practitioner in health and social care are completely understanding that everyone is different from another and are in different situations. It is important to have this understanding so the people who you work with in a health and social care environment don’t feel judged or different from another person because they’re different.
There are many benefits of diversity and it can have positive benefits on society for example people will have different music tastes and if another person hears a song from another person’s music taste they may also enjoy it, developing a like for different music tastes, this means that not everyone will have the same music taste and may not enjoy music that there friend likes or that a certain club plays, this doesn’t make them ant different. Religion can also benefit society as it can make people interested in finding different things out about different religions and chose which one they prefer to go or live by, or if they don’t feel like they believe anything of any religion they may chose not to follow any. This doesn’t make them any different it is just what they believe in as person. Different foods may benefit society for example Chinese, Cantonese, Indian, Italian, every different country has its own style food of different tastes and different spices, having different restaurants of different foods brings different countries together to enjoy different types of foods and tastes. This proves that diversity and being different from another can improve society as being different from another, you can learn more interesting things about different people and countries bring everyone together.
Equality- this is where everyone is treated equally, if everyone was treated equally it would improve the way the world works as no one would be treated differently because of the fact they have an illness or are not able to complete something for themselves. If equality was to be used more in health and social care settings it would help the patient or person a lot as they would feel equal to everyone else which could then improve their rate of recovering and feeling a lot better within themselves. In health and social care settings workers try to treat everyone equally so one person doesn’t feel different from another, making them feel like they’re not as important as another. This is extremely important within a health and social care environment, for example if you worked in a school and one child got in trouble for one thing and got in trouble then another child also did the same and didn’t get in trouble for it, this is treating other people different from