Do All Men Have an Underlying Dominance? Essay

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Do all men have an underlying dominance?
“Nothing is more gratifying to the mind of man than power or
dominion . . . I look upon my family as a patriarchal sovereignty
in which I am myself both king and priest.” ~ The Spectator

Thank you!
I myself had believed that all men had an underlying dominance
and they were generally more dominant then females. The results
I have gathered from YOU, students of Avanti High School that
identify yourselves as males, shocked me greatly.
Thank you to everyone that took place you are the ones that made this study

Being dominant or submissive is not a bad thing. Only a
simple piece of your personality.

Out of the 15 males that I surveyed with my
Dominance Survey only 5 males turned out to be
dominant and 10 submissive.

I contemplated many questions such as…..
In males that are gay do they usually tend to be submissive?

In relationships is it usually one person being submissive and the other

Is the question above the same for friendships?

I asked people their opinions on
“Dominance in anyone can be affected by many different factors. As a gay
male, I feel I’m a less dominant person as a result of societal views as well as
my own personality.” ~ Daniel Valdez

“It’s part of toxic masculinity in our culture” ~ Spencer Beadle

“It stems from ancient times where them man was the hunter and the women
were gatherers. It’s not necessary today though.” ~ Anonymous

“Theories are meant to be tested”
My theory…